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Rather than purchase a business card, I just found a sign to stand in front of (kidding)

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Enjoying the Lisa Loeb Concert way too much!  I moved her entire family into my position front row after I met them coming to the club a few minutes before the show.  I would have met her except for her cousin, "The devil."  <:  Just kidding, multiple family members tried to get me to come up and meet her after the show in gratitude but he talked me out of it.

My Nieces, the Chica's

Their older brother, my nephew, Avery

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Attempts to protect or shallow threats?  Not as eloquent as many, the photo of Clinton with Kennedy, then the Capitol lost their breath and suddenly a struggle for the U.S.    Unable to look and see 911*,  when thousands of souls found their way to Heaven, schedules still broken by the leading deceptions.   What would it take for something so great that our doors stay unlocked and we know that our fate is not held by some fanatics intent on hate? 

Without reservation we appreciate all you've done, your lives on the line to insure we have won, or at least starved off insanity for another day, another one for God's children to pray, that tomorrow brings what we all really want, peace on earth, heavens doors opened up, cartoons, snow cones and brightly colored flowers, another day to play, a few more peaceful hours.

GRID A Peace for Everyone



SS, August 1998 - 2006

* - Louis Freeh Autobiography "My FBI"


GRID arrived January 14, 2006 in the wee hours of the morning.  It was Martin Luther King Jr. weekend.  That Monday was Martin Luther King day.  Coretta Scott King left this earth just two weeks later, on January 31, 2006.   The timing of its arrival is significant.  In Memory of Martin Luther and Coretta Scott King and their mission for Peace in America and on Earth. 


GRID    Pre-Intro Video below

(America title screen can be passed to about 9 minutes for continuation of video presentation)

Unimaginable revelations.  I understand my appreciation of Nelson Mandela and Stephen Biko better.  Mr. Mandela went on to become the President of South Africa, after 23 years in prison for speaking out against the old South African Government.  Stephen Biko died an excruciatingly painful death by beating, alone in a prison cell in South Africa for speaking out against the old South African Government.  I am humbled beyond my previous imagination at revelations tonight.  No one ever thought Nelson Mandela would be President.   Ronald Reagan played an extremely significant role in getting Nelson Mandela released from prison - see more about both President Reagan, Nelson Mandela and Stephen Biko on my Favorite People Page.

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Check out the two guys that showed up at church the other day. 

If you would like to hear the rest of the song from the end of the Blues Brothers video above, press play on the player below once video has completed. (Soothe Me by Sam and Dave)


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