My cats I currently have:

All three current cats ready to play outside.

There names are Girl, Other Girl and Moonyeca.

To follow is a cat that ran away but was a great cat. I got him from his mother, in the 7-11 parking lot. His name was Boy.

  My Maine Coon Cat      



Lion Cut for my cat 2001

I could not pet her for a week she was so freaky looking.


Moonyeca—rescued from the Federal Prison at Seagoville, Texas, after accidentally being stepped on by an inmate. Her shoulder ball joint was crushed yet she is doing well now. Fortunately she likes to chase acorns and so that was her daily therapy for 2 months. She has adjusted well, and even enjoys climbing trees now. Despite exam with X-rays, SPCA stated the injury is non-repairable. She was born in June, 2002, at the Seagoville Prison. She appears to be of the Maine Coon variety, and will play fetch with you, a trait I experienced with my other Maine Coon cat, "Boy."  At the end of my photos is additional information on the Maine Coon cat breed. They have a colorful history, beginning with Marie Antoinette, according to legend.

Update: Sunday, October 8, 2006 - Moonyeca died today.  She had slipped out the door two weeks ago through a small crack in the kitty door and apparently was injured on Friday.  I searched for her on multiple occasions to no avail over the past 2 weeks.  I wasn't notified that she had been seen limping until today, although she had been seen 2 days ago, on Friday.  She was 4 years and 4 months old.  She had a great life while with me.  Having been born out doors though, it was obvious she was always wanting to go outside.  She was one of the main reasons I built the kitty cattle chute.  It is really devastating to lose a pet.  My sympathy to all of those who have ever lost a pet.  RIP Moonyeca.


The Kitty Cattle Chute - allows cats safe outdoor access 24x7


Cat that ran into my house, hid, and had kittens waiting when I got home

Maine Coon Cat Information

Momma Cat Second Litter (now fixed)

Above- eyes open one day earlier

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