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Before and After Katrina - More Satellite Images via Link at Bottom of Page


President Bush Thanks Countries and All That Helped with Hurricane, at UN Meeting in New York

President Bush addressed the United Nations General Assembly Wednesday and thanked the countries that sent help in the wake of Hurricane Katrina.  “All together, more than 115 countries and nearly a dozen international organizations have stepped forward with offers of assistance,” Mr. Bush said.  “To every nation, every province, and every community across the world that is standing with the American people in this hour of need, I offer the thanks of my nation,” he said.  “We have witnessed the awesome power of nature -- and the greater power of human compassion. Americans have responded to their neighbors in need, and so have many of the nations represented in this chamber,” Mr. Bush said.


How many drills a year does FEMA have to keep in practice?  Is it even applicable with FEMA?

Also, the SPCA of New Orleans are now operating 14 hour days trying to rescue as many animals as possible now that the vast majority of people appear to have been rescued.  Don't quote me on that, God hope that there are not other people still out there hanging on by a thread but there may be.  Anyhow, nice to know that the people that work with animals are now having the opportunity to search for stray pets.  Pet Smart stores today were taking donations from customers for the animal rescue efforts.  

Update - September 12, 2005 - Over 760 million in donations from the private sector (the people, the public) already given for Katrina Victims to date.  That is amazing and such a Godsend.   There are companies now online on the Internet that rate different charities.  An Internet search can locate this and I will locate some and post them here in the near future.  They basically inform people of what percentage of each dollar given actually ends up on disaster victims tables and in their stomachs.  

Day Before the Storm: Bearing Down on New Orleans with talk of Storm of the Century.

 5:00 am - downgraded to Category 4 - little better but still bad.

Weather Satellite shot below was taken at 11:00 pm central time Sunday. Courtesy of NOAA.


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More Images will be added in coming days

Louis Armstrong Park     Gulfport MS - Before and After Zoom


Derailed trains

Entire freight trains have derailed and lay scattered in the above satellite image along 1-90.

Louis Armstrong Park - Special ZOOM Version Link at bottom of page
This satellite image shows Louis Armstrong Park,
located northwest of the French Quarter in New Orleans.

Boats and yachts that were docked on Lake
Ponchartraine near the Lakefront Airport are
scattered about.

Microsoft’s Virtual Earth image shows a before shot of the Lakefront Airport runway and access roads. How the runway and access roads have been cut off by the flooding is depicted in the after image.

Lakefront Airport – BeforeLakefront Airport – After
Intersection of 10 and 47 (Paris Road)
Many of the flooded roads and freeways have
hindered rescue workers from reaching those
in greatest need of help.

Major News Networks Excessive Focus on Looting in New Orleans Delayed Nations Response?

The excessive focus on the looting may have actually delayed the response by the nation.  When half the footage you see is sensationalistic clips of looters grabbing TV's, it gives people the impression that "Hell, if they can be out there stealing TV's it can't be too bad huh?"   Think about it, the average person in America is exposed to this repetitively in the hours and days after a disaster of this nature, you might have more complacency on the part of those who would try and help.   I know that amazing images of crime capture and titillate those watching but a disaster should not result in a ratings war among the networks.   Just the opposite, the best news organization is one that  facilitates the best coverage that results in being a complete asset instead of a potential hindrance.  ut I would rather pluck 10 people off of their housetops and save them than try and chase down a few guys who for some crazy reason think it is ok to wade through flaccid, disease carrying water to steal a TV.  By focusing too much emphasis on the looting aspect of the story, it may have impacted peoples judgment adversely and slowed the response times down, both government and the private sector.

RUMOR: Murders, Rapes and Killings among Hurricane Survivors in the Superdome and In Baton Rouge   STATUS: Unproven!

From the good people at, no incidents have been confirmed as of today, Sept 13th, and lets hope that holds true.

Summary of the eRumor
One of the more alarming stories to come out of New Orleans during the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina was reports of rapes in the Superdome and two children whose throats were cut, a 7-year old who was raped and killed, and widespread reports in Baton Rouge of carjacking and other mayhem.

The Truth
If you ever find yourself in the midst of a natural disaster or other crisis that affects a large number of people, brace yourself for rumors.  Whether they start because of sincere misinformation or because of intentional misinformation, they can spread like wildfire, especially during a time when other types of communication are not working.  These stories about the hurricane survivors were reported through several media including being repeated by survivors interviewed on television.  Most of them believed the stories and repeated them as truth.  The story about rapes, killings, and the slitting of two children's throats was also reported in an article in the Guardian of London on September 5.  They quoted witnesses as saying, "During this time, they said, girls and boys were raped in the dark and had their throats cut and bodies were stuffed in the kitchens while looters and madmen exchanged fire with weapons they had looted." has checked with New Orleans police.  They say they've not been able to confirm the story of the babies with the throats cut or even any rapes from among those who took refuge in the Superdome.  If those events did happen, nobody has come forward to report them or substantiate them.  One rumor that spread through the refugees was that a 7-year-old-girl had been raped and killed, but there has not been any evidence found so far of that murder.
The London Guardian ran a story on September 6 saying that they, too, have not been able to confirm any of the rape and killing stories or the stories of bodies stacked in the kitchen at the Superdome.  The Guardian said it had not been able to find any substantiation of any dead bodies at the Superdome at all, much more the bodies of children. 

SS-Author:  On TV I did see two bodies next to an exit door inside the Superdome, one in a wheel chair and the other wrapped in a sheet on the ground beside the wheel chair.  Those were likely natural deaths but I am not sure.  These images were shown multiple times on CNN News, and I even saw footage of singer Harry Connick Jr. praying next to those 2 souls.

STUNNING RELATED DEVELOPMENT—New Orleans Chief of Police Resigns

Katrina Fallout Claims Top Cop

September 29, 2005

THE New Orleans police chief at the centre of the Hurricane Katrina response, who made sensational claims about carnage in the devastated city that have turned out to be false, resigned yesterday.

Eddie Compass's departure came during a day of hurricane fallout in Washington when a combative Mike Brown, the former head of the Federal Emergency Management Agency who resigned in disgrace after a botched federal response to Katrina, hit back before a congressional committee.

Mr. Brown blamed local authorities in Louisiana for the mistakes made, saying they were "dysfunctional".

"I very strongly, personally regret that I was unable to persuade Governor (Kathleen) Blanco and Mayor (Ray) Nagin to sit down, get over their differences and work together," he said.

His "biggest mistake was not recognizing by Saturday (two days before the storm hit) that Louisiana was dysfunctional".

Mr. Brown also defended his agency and himself against what he called "false, defamatory statements" spread by the media about the agency's capabilities after the hurricane.

Spokespeople for both the Governor and Mayor rejected Mr. Brown's characterization. Mr. Nagin's spokeswoman said: "The Mayor and the Governor were totally on the same page."

The politicians' scorching treatment of Mr. Brown, in a hearing stretching over six hours, underscored how he has become an emblem of the deaths, lingering floods and stranded survivors after the August 29 storm.

Mr. Brown resigned on September 12 after being relieved of his onsite command of FEMA's response effort three days earlier.

But it was Mr. Compass's resignation that created the most stir yesterday, after the police chief's high-profile role in the days after the New Orleans floods. At one stage he appeared on the Oprah Winfrey show to claim babies had been raped in the infamous Convention Centre, where about 20,000 people were sheltering.

He later admitted there was no evidence for his statement.

"I served this department for 26 years and have taken it through some of the toughest times of its history," Mr. Compass said at a press conference.

"Every man in a leadership position must know when it's time to hand over the reins. I'll be going on in another direction that God has for me."

But neither Mr. Compass nor Mr. Nagin would say why the police commissioner had decided to quit. "It's a sad day in the city of New Orleans when a hero makes a decision like this," the Mayor said. "He leaves the department in pretty good shape."

But his departure comes ahead of fresh inquiries into why about 250 police officers, or about 15 per cent of the New Orleans police force, quit their posts without permission after the hurricane slammed into the city.

The Times Picayune newspaper in New Orleans this week criticized Mr. Compass's and Mr. Nagin's leadership during the first few days of the disaster and for their exaggerated public statements. "It's understandable that in the tense and fractured days after Katrina, frightened people reported rumor as fact, and soldiers, police and even elected officials believed what they heard and passed it on," its editorial said. "In the hell that descended after Katrina, almost anything, no matter how horrific, seemed possible. But now that we know better, it's essential that people like Mayor Nagin and Superintendent Compass set the record straight, just as forcefully.

"That might mean saying 'I spoke too soon' or even 'I exaggerated'."

President George W. Bush yesterday made his seventh trip to the Gulf Coast, spending the day meeting emergency officials and flying over devastated areas of Texas and Louisiana.

Fake Katrina Photos on Internet (click images below for larger versions)

Satellite Images: Courtesy of ORBIMAGE

FLOOD by Jars of Clay  Remix

Another Appropriate Song - Pink Floyd's Wish You Were Here

From the Tsunami Relief Special

(To learn more about the 2004 Tsunami and how it happened, click here)

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