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Einstein is a Windows program that quickly and clearly facilitates the entry of tremendous amounts of information while providing the tools  to find it just as easily the next day, month, year or decade.  Ideas, goals, events, meetings, employee suggestions, dreams - it can be used as a diary or to keep track of website passwords and favorite sites - it's completely customizable.  You are unlimited in the categories and sub-categories you create to manage your information.   Einstein incorporates a multiple many-to-one relationship principal.  An easy illustration would be a diary, which would be your first main information record.  Each day or time you wrote in your diary would be a Comment, and you would have many comments for the one main Information Record called Diary.   Many-to-One.   You could create new comment categories and categorize your comments to better organize them.  Most reports in Einstein by default sort the Comments by Category so your comments are grouped by Category you created first and then by entry date.  Using the Diary illustration again, you might categorize your comments by year or age, for example: to reflect your various ages, "10-20", "20-30", "30-40" or could even create a new comment category for every year.  And you've still only used one out of 50 of your records in the Einstein Personal free version.   If and when either you or your company decides to either move to a different system or to build a system to capture the data Einstein is being used for, Einstein can export your information in 12 different common, popular file export formats.  For those in business environments, this should make you computer people very happy.   Custom versions of Einstein are available to customers who like Einstein but need some modifications.   Reasonable programming rates are available.   Excel users can finally store their data in a cleaner, safer area -  without the limitations of Excel.   And with the linking feature in Einstein, you can still link to your spreadsheets along with any other file or web address.  New uses for Einstein come up all the time.  Today I used Google to pull up a map of my house - it now has Map, Satellite or Hybrid which is a map overlaying the satellite image - neat new feature.  I created a new entry in Einstein called Maps and Satellite Images.  While in Internet Explorer I copied the address of the site, went to Einstein and created a new Comment and clicked the Paste button to paste the hyperlink to that map, the exact zoom and all choices contained within the hyperlink.   With unlimited Comments and hyperlinks in Einstein, I can add as many links as needed to this new record, or I could create several new records in Einstein, one for Friends Maps, one for Work, etc.  With Einstein you can set it up how you like.  I will add a new page that highlights the different ways you can use Einstein, and encourage those using Einstein to send in the different ways they are using Einstein to manage their lives little details.

I wrote Einstein for my personal use beginning in 1996 and have just improved it over the years into a robust program.   Having tried dozens of Personal Information Management Systems (PIMS), I found them to either be too cryptic, too rigid or too basic.  Seeing PIMS attempt to integrate contact management into their systems in addition to information management seemed uncalled for.  No one prefers to maintain duplicate address books or calendars.   With that in mind Einstein integrates with Microsoft Outlook and Microsoft Office instead of trying to replace them.  The commands in Einstein follow the MS Office conventions closely.  This along with a bright uncluttered user interface leads to the perfect balance needed for a program of this type.  For self-learning or teaching Einstein, a free online or downloadable training video that is brief yet effective, PowerPoint presentations and several other training media items round out the Einstein Information Management System.  The Free Personal Version will never expire and the only limit is no more than 50 Master Records can be added.  Each one can have unlimited Notes-Comments that are up to 10 pages in length which includes the ability  to include a hot link to any website or page, or any file or folder on  your computer for fast access to that data.   Integration with Microsoft Outlook allows you to create any new Outlook information from within Einstein, not having to get out of it to open Outlook.  Quickly create a new Contact, new E-mail message, new Appointment/Meeting or New Note with the click of a button.  My logic was that Outlook already is exceptional at handling this information, especially the new Outlook 2003 version.  So Einstein allows you to focus on your critical information and allows Outlook to handle the details Outlook is good at.  And never any adware, spyware or advertising.   For companies with IT departments bogged down with "large" projects, you can accomplish information management for the many smaller projects your programmers just can't get to.  A companies programming team could pull the data out of Einstein without problem due to the fact Einstein allows for the exporting of its information in excess of 10 different industry standard formats.  Einstein is universal and is only limited by the imagination of its users.  You are encouraged to share your success stories with Einstein - let us know how it is working for you.  A forum will be setup in the near future to allow users to share the innovative ways they have used Einstein.  Having developed software for multiple Fortune 500 and smaller companies beginning in 1988, I am not a company with 15 or 100 other programs.  Einstein is my only program and I can respond very rapidly to requests for enhancements or any problems that might arise.   Downloads for the most current version appear below, along with screen shots, examples of how to use Einstein and other information.  The new Einstein Training Video will appear on this site in the very near future.

The demonstration version of Einstein is actually a full copy of the program, with no time limits, the only limit is that you can only put in 50 master information records.  Some people won't even make it to 50, and if you are on a budget you can delete some older records when you get close to 50, to allow you room to add more.  Understand the limit is 50 master information records, but each master record can have unlimited comments.  So for example, one primary information record could be called Diary, and you could put a new entry in each day for the rest of your life and would still have 49 more primary records you could add, also with unlimited comments. 

Einstein 4.2 Now Downloading Training Video will be available soon - Online Training Link at page bottom

Version 4 is posted and ready to download.   I'll be posting the Training Video any day now.  I also am finishing up PowerPoint presentations for companies to use to acquaint and train employees.  There are 2, one for a group presentation and the other which is a self-training presentation which can remain available to employees for refreshers if needed.  An Einstein Training Manual is being completed and a rough copy will be ready in the next few days in MS Word and Acrobat formats.  The video will be available in Windows Media Player format initially (other formats later) and can be viewed online or downloaded and viewed locally.  Harness the power of Einstein quickly and completely with the brief training video.   For now if you move to any control or field in Einstein and hold your mouse over that item, most items have tool tips which pop up, short little messages explaining the control you are on.  Plus on some pages you'll see question marks and clicking them will yield additional information about that section or form.  I appreciate your patience.

Einstein: The heart of Einstein is a Quick-Add Wizard which steps you through submitting your information quickly into the system.   To alleviate the possibility of missing the information or forgetting to record it, the wizard facilitates rapid entry of the information.   Because it is fast and has unlimited categories for both Information and Comment records, you can manage a lot of varied information very effectively. 

 Idea or Invention Management - Password Manager - Favorites Manager - File Management -

Research Tool - Study Tool - Company Suggestion Box - Asset Management - Diary

Einstein Provides a central location for your Information needs a few examples of what Einstein can do follow.  The great thing is that Einstein can do any one or combination of the above options or all of them and more with just one copy of Einstein.  Due to the unique way you can tag, keyword, categorize and sub-categorize your information, this does not present a problem in Einstein.  In fact, Einstein can do it in such a way that it is easy to locate, manage, edit and export or print any or all of your information.


Research - say you are doing research on someone like Kurt Cobain.  You visit a lot of websites among other things, maybe download some files.  Create a new Information Record called Kurt Cobain, and then add as many comments as you want.  Each comment can have a link to a web page where you can put a description, as much as a 10 page Word document can hold, plus you could put in a username and password if it is a forum, you can put a one-click hyperlink in to that opens the website.  Or put a link in to the file which will open for you with one click.  Einstein is a great research tool.


Favorite Website Management - Create links to all your favorite websites and actually find them a week or a month later.  The Favorites/Bookmark feature in Internet Explorer offers no creative favorites management.  Have links to each website, plus the password, username and any other details you need.  Cut and paste key text passages from the website into the comment also.  And locate the information later, quickly and easily. You can categorize each comment, creating your own categories.  Create multiple Information Records for web sites and you could have Favorite Car Sites, Favorite Shopping Sites, Favorite Research Sites.  And then each of those could have unlimited favorite links comments.


Passwords - Tired of trying to keep track of all of the Internet and other passwords we have in today's society can be quite a feat in this day and age.  Insure you keep up with all passwords and locate the right one when you need it.   You just create a new Information Record called Computer Passwords or Internet Passwords, or just Passwords, and each comment you add can be a descriptive comment that includes the password, a username, a one-click link to either a website or a file on your computer, and up to 10 pages of notes pertaining to that particular information.  You can put in an unlimited number of comments, so there is no limit to how many passwords you could manage.


Diary/Key Events - keep track of all of your daily events and thoughts.  Create a new Information Record called Diary and each comment can be a day from your life.  Automatic date stamping of your entry insures the correct date is recorded and your thoughts are safe.  Set a password to insure only you see the information in the system.


Inventions/Ideas: Designed from the ground up with Inventors and Idea people in mind, Einstein will insure the successful entry, modification and additions to your concept with effective management of all phases of development. 


Corporate Business Environment: From Fortune 500 Companies to small businesses, Einstein can support up to 256 employees concurrently across your network.  Massive amounts of varied information can be managed within Einstein with full export capabilities in 15 different formats.  As your companies Virtual Suggestion Box, employees company wide can insert their thoughts and suggestions via the Einstein icon on their desktop.  With keywords and intuitive search capabilities, ease of use and speed, your employees will quickly adapt to and interact with Einstein effectively.  The Power Tutorial will explain the Wizard to employees in under 10 minutes.  An idea can be floated with all users adding their comments.  A number of reports and export options allow you to bring the information into Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Excel, and FrontPage in a variety of formats.  Quick Links to Microsoft Outlook allow one to create a New Contact or New Appointment in Outlook without ever leaving Einstein or opening Outlook.   Einstein itself carries a 2 gigabyte size limit.  A Microsoft SQL 7 version of Einstein is available for those with larger amounts of data.  Additionally, new Einstein skins or wrappers are in development specifically focused on certain tasks.  For example, to use Einstein as an Employee Suggestion Box, the Suggestion Box skin will present the Einstein Quick Add Wizard will all verbiage on the form specifically worded for the entry of suggestions.  


The possibilities are endless.  Einstein can be effectively used by both individuals and corporations.  Versions are available for both individuals, small businesses and Fortune 500 Companies. 


Links for Einstein Training and Other Information

15 Minute Guide Screen Size Changes Info Requests Einstein MS Word Home Page



Einstein Version 4.2 Now Downloading Training Video will be available soon

Einstein has one download option now for software, and one for training materials which can be viewed online or downloaded.   This download is the Einstein System bundled with the MS Access 2003 Runtime Engine.  It is transparent to program users.  For those that would require a version compatible with older versions of MS Office, contact me via the Information Request ink at the foot of this page.


Download and Install Instructions:


The newest version of Einstein is Version 4.2, released on Sunday, October 2nd, 2005 is available at Download.com and its network. 

Einstein has a full install routine with uninstall capability in your Add/Remove Programs of Control Panel.

NOTE: Einstein interacts with Microsoft Office and will run optimally when your Office installation is up-to-date with all service packs.  After installing Einstein it is recommended that you visit the Microsoft Office Update site and run office update if using this feature in the Einstein program.  Several Office 2003 files will be installed as well.  Click here: Office Update Site  

Free Download and Purchase Options

Einstein Version 4 Personal Edition

Download via any of the links provided:

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Einstein Screen Size - Einstein is designed to run on systems with a desktop size of 1024 x 768 pixels or larger, which most users run already.  If you cannot see all of Einstein on your screen at once, a simple adjustment will correct it.  Only if your desktop size is less than the 1024x768.  You'll most likely find you like this setting better.  To view instructions hold your "shift" key down and click the link below:


Links for Einstein Training and Other Information

15 Minute Guide Screen Size Changes Info Requests Einstein MS Word Home Page

Photos of Full Version Installation Wizard - Install Takes 3 Minutes

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Purchase Einstein Single User Edition:  Einstein is available for individuals for $19.95.  You don't need a PayPal account to order - with a credit card you just enter your credit card information. 

Purchase Einstein Corporate Business Edition:  Network versions for corporations are available if after trying you find Einstein to be what your organization needs.  The network version will support 250 concurrent users of the program.   Click this link and page down to bottom of page -  Einstein Network Edition Pricing -  to send me a request to contact you with pricing information. 

Einstein Information Management System

Personal Edition

Quantity - 1   Price - $19.95

Links for Einstein Training and Other Information

15 Minute Guide Screen Size Changes Info Requests Einstein MS Word Home Page

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