Major Accidents in Dallas in One Month

I wrote a software program that pulls Dallas Fire Department Call Information every 5 minutes around the clock, seven days a week and ran it for 3 months.  I crunched the data and was surprised to find out the following Dallas and possibly every other major city in the nation - and that is:

The most intense traffic problems occur on Saturdays between noon and 5:00 pm.  That is for Dallas and the Dallas Fire Department but I would be surprised if it is not the same in every other similar sized major city in the country. That is when there are the most accidents in general and definitely does not include wet or inclement weather.  I tied into the National Weather Service and fed in weather condition data and captured that each time I pulled the Fire Department Data. 

About the Software Program:  Every 5 minutes the system will copy the data from their site and import it into my system.  This allows me to view a variety of reports and graphs presenting the information in different way, and not only includes major auto accidents but every type of call the Dallas Fire Department responds to.  The nice thing is you can pull up a color 3-d graph showing days of week, times of day, and counts of accidents at those times.  It is amazing to see the spike that occurs at 2:00 am on Saturday and Sunday mornings.   To follow is some of the data for one month for major accidents in Dallas.  Below that are links to my photo and video page that shows the results of several serious accidents I was in here in Dallas.

Accident Location

Graph created of Car Wrecks in Dallas - New Years 2004

Auto-created 3d bar graph with software I wrote to extract and analyze Dallas Fire Department Calls - following covers week including New Years Eve.  Wednesday night-Thursday morning was the 31st and 1st. 

My Accidents in Dallas

View my car wreck video, with footage of two very serious accidents I was in here in Dallas, the latter one requiring that I be cut out of my Camaro.  Photos and video can be viewed at the following links: 

  Steele Shepherd

My Car Wreck Photos    My Car Wreck Video

Accidents Happening at this second, real time:

I have a link that shows all Dallas Fire Department Emergency calls occurring at this moment. 

Click here to view: Dallas Fire Department Calls Real Time

View Visual Satellite Images

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